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Clean up dropped Subscriptions September 14, 2008

Posted by Chirag in Replication, SQL 2005, SQL 2008, T-SQL.
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If you are working in an environment utilising replication, you may find orphaned subscriptions show up on subscribers long after they have been dropped at the publisher. Well, why they aren’t cleared up when one drops a subscription or subsequently the publication itself.. you may ask… that’s a different question all together.

You can run a not so widely known command at the subscriber to clear out any orphaned subscriptions still listed on the subscribers. In fact, should I dare suggest it would actually be a great idea to implement this within your drop subscription process.

The command you can use is “sp_subscription_cleanup”. It has the following syntax:


[ @publisher = ] publisher ,

[ @publisher_db = ] publisher_db

[ , [ @publication = ] publication]

@publisher => is the name of the Publisher

@publisher_db => is the name of the Publisher database

@publication => is the name of the publication, with a default of NULL. If NULL, subscriptions using a shared agent publication in the publishing database will be deleted

Execute this at the Subscriber on the subscription database to remove replication meta data from it.